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Hello, hello, hello, my dear friends.

I understand, of course, the situation you find yourselves in. You worked so hard. Those fat cats and their fortunes- they didn’t deserve what they had. No more than you did, anyway. You had such a brilliant scheme to get them out of the way, but… you didn’t count on those brats, did you? Those children who survived the terrible fire or other catastrophe that did away with their loathsome parents.

That enormous hoard of wealth- gold, banknotes, investments, tea set contents… whatever it was you so nearly grasped, they made sure it slipped through your fingers. To make matters worse, they found you out, and set the pigs on your trail. You’re a Wanted Criminal, now, and it’s going to make acquiring those Plucky Orphans’ fortunes… difficult.

Not to worry: you’re resourceful. You are, after all, an accomplished disguise artist. All you need to do is follow the Plucky Orphans, insinuate yourself into the situation, and find a way to take custody of them without your true identity being revealed!


O.L.A.F. is a Powered by the Apocalypse hack based on the A Series of Unfortunate Events series of books by Lemony Snicket. It always seemed like the villains in that series were having a lot more fun than the protagonists- which, I suppose, they'd have to, as the Baudelaire orphans are known for being singularly unfortunate. Count Olaf's troupe got to put on fanciful disguises and trick extremely gullible people into enabling them to commit dramatic acts of villainy- and why shouldn't those of us unable to pursue such a career in reality get to experience the thrills of being a completely horrible person through the medium of tabletop roleplaying?

O.L.A.F is a submission to Roll to Craft, a tabletop game jam hosted by the creators of Roll to Breathe, an actual-play podcast with a preference for PBTA. They're a good bunch! Check them out.

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It's just a PDF of the rules- open it in your browser or with any PDF reader.


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