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Good news: magic is real! Bad news: magic is highly illegal. Star Seeker is a wizard and you must solve a wizard crime or else get thrown in wizard jail by wizard- I mean, just regular police. In this short point 'n' click adventure, collect evidence and use it to clear up the useless detective's many confusions- and don't worry about getting it wrong. Every hare-brained idea you can possibly pitch to the detective prompts unique dialogue!


  • A short, one-room point-and-click mystery dense with clues
  • Unique responses for every combination of clue and question
  • Customizable pronouns in the options
  • Gorgeous pixelart and a magical original soundtrack
  • There is a goat in it, and it goes "maaaaaa"
  • If you don't think that last one is a selling point then I don't know what to tell you

Original soundtrack by Max Knightley available at https://pastelhandgrenade.bandcamp.com/album/star-seeker-ost !

EDIT 11/4: We're having problems with some Mac users failing to open the game from the itch.io download- if you're on Mac, you might want to opt for the Steam version instead until we get this fixed (unless you know your way around Terminal and can run the provided workaround). Thanks for your patience!


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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Very polished, cute and funny! Fans of Detective Grimoire/Tangle Tower will enjoy this for sure. The mystery strikes a good balance between having some layers and respecting the brief (60-90 minute) playtime. The mind palace mechanic is cool, if maybe a little underutilized in my playthrough, at least.

The best part is the title character. Star Seeker is a fun, snarky queer wizard detective, a little in the vein of Dominique Pamplemousse, whose energy and dialogue propels the whole adventure. Star deserves a full-length mystery--preferably with their own private practice, where they don't have to deal with incompetent, melodramatic cops!

This is a really charming game. Just the right length to get the story across and consistently funny all the way through. It feels as though it's a set up for a series, and the characters are interesting enough that I'd love to see more of them <3